Riza Wolfe is a quiet, distant, introverted teen that spends most of her free time drawing, reading, or otherwise escaping into other worlds. She has a few friends, but has never really felt like she fit in with everyone else, and while she's not outright bullied, she knows most people think she's just the weird art kid in the back of the class. Truthfully, she's just not very confident about socializing, but doesn't really want to, anyway.
Unlike her Earth self, Riza finds herself to be free-spirited, friendly, and outgoing on Sanvolae, if a little clumsy. Luna is constantly getting on her about paying attention to her surroundings, and is trying her best to make her a competent enough fighter that she doesn't have to jump in to save her every time they get in a scuffle. Riza can't quite figure out why, but she feels a sense of belonging on Sanvolae that she never really felt on Earth, and quickly finds herself preferring to spend time there.


Luna is somewhat slow to trust, but is responsible, mature, and loyal, and begrudgingly puts aside her lone wolf nature to be Riza's guardian. She likes to think herself civilized, and doesn't like being treated like an animal. She also doesn't like admitting to it, but feels a sense of responsibility to not only watch over Riza, but the rest of the kids that Riza drags into their makeshift pack as well. She's sort of the den mother, sans any kind of motherly qualities. Besides general fighting prowess, Luna is a skilled hunter. She's very quick, but still packs quite a punch when necessary. She uses her demonfire mainly as a speed booster, which in turn allows her to get a running start to hit harder.


Daemian is a somewhat mysterious boy that Riza encounters in Kraydir, and somehow manages to convince to join she and Luna on their little "adventure". He only occasionally regrets that decision.
Dae is quiet and a bit reclusive, preferring to spend his free time with his nose in a book. This does come in handy now and then, as he's full of various factoids about the things and creatures encounter on their journey. He's also handy with a knife, and competent in a fight, though he's sometimes known to make rash decisions in the moment. Finally, his years living on the streets of Kraydir have made him a capable pickpocket.


Ooji is a strange old man who seems to know a lot about the Dreamers...except he really doesn't. He was, however, the one to send Luna to find Riza and bring her to Sanvolae, and one gets the sense that he's hiding some things.


Raus is a Greater Spike Ignaes; a spiny canid creature that can shapeshift into a human-like form. Luna calls him "the local pest"--he hangs out in the woods near her home and has a habit of breaking in the steal food or sleep on the couch when she's not around. He's mostly harmless, if a bit annoying.

Suzume & Mel

Riza's Earth friends. Suzume is sort of pushy, but means well. Mel has more of a "just go with it" approach to life.


Salvatore is an old Greater Rat Ignae living on the streets of Kraydir, and serves as a friend and mentor to Daemian in the art of thievery. He's jovial, if a little blunt, and is mostly just tries to keep himself and his protege alive and in good spirits.